Ritual to The Angel of Abundance

Ritual to The Angel of Abundance


Many devotees come to Abunda when they find themselves In desperate financial situations. They ask to elevate their prayer to God, the most high, and assist during these tough hours. However, The Angel of Abundance blesses us with more than just a quick financial fix. She is able to share her knowledge in finances, prosperity, and helps us switch our mindset about money.

Here I share a very effective ritual to set a petition when you are in need of her help during financial difficulties -


You will need:

  • An image or statue of The Angel of Abundance
  • Green candle
  • Incense (preferably money attracting incense)
  • Rice
  • A cup with water
  • 3 or 7 pennies and 3 or 7 dollars (preferably $1 bills)
  • Faith



  • Find a spot near your kitchen or near your front door to set-up your petition
  • Set up the statue, image, or photo card of The Angel of Abundance to ground your intention
  • Fire up your green candle - activate with your purpose
  • Fire up your incense - activate with your purpose
  • Set your small bowl of rice - activate with your purpose
  • Set small cup of water- activate with your purpose
  • Set your change and cash - set as a offer
  • Get in a grounding, positive, and gratitude mindset during this time. Take your time to get to this meditative headspace.
  • During your grounding and meditation, use your minds eye to create the result you want. In other words, picture yourself what you want.
  • Repeat the provided prayer 3 or 7 times 
  • When you are done with the prayer, simply state your petition.
  • Let the candle burn down completely, do NOT turn it off until it dies down completely.
  • Once the candle is dead, the rice and the water can be discarded near a tree. Make sure is NOT a dying tree but a healthy growing tree. 
  • The cash and pennies can be donated or given to someone who would appreciate your help. Abunda blesses those who blesses others.


    'Oh! Abundia, the angel of abundance, I pray that you cover me with your sacred wings so that misery does not take over my life.

    You are the symbol of wealth, so I ask you to fill my path with blessings so that misfortunes and disgrace do not lead me to the abyss of perdition.

    Oh! Help me so that worries and fears give way to joy and success.
    I trust you, because you never abandon your faithful devotees when they need you most.

    Oh! Angel blessed by God, give me right now the prosperity that I long for.



    In my experience, The Angel of Abundance is very communicative. She will give you signs that she has heard your petition immediately via finding random cash, coins, or any other type of sign that has to do with money.


    The way to say THANK YOU and build a relationship with Abunda is by letting others know of her goodness and by helping others financially when you can.

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    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this ritual! Looking forward to trying it :-)

    Miguel Castillo

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