Email Reading Services:

The email readings are convenient for those who have a busier schedule or simply do not prefer to hop on a phone or video call. After figuring out what type of reading you prefer and processing they payment, you can fill out the one of forms provided below!

Replies to your forms will be responded via email. Please allow me a window of 24 to 72 hours from the date and time you send in your form.

Mini Reading - $22 for 3 / $33 for 5

This email service is best for those who have clear and direct questions. You submit 3 or 5 questions and I will get  back to you with detailed answers using my intuition and using the tarot. The questions can be about anything from love, finances, spirituality, or any other situation going on in your life. You get to keep the written information for future reference.

3-Question Reading Form

5-Question Reading Form

Full Life Reading - $60

The email full life reading is perfect for those who are curious about all facets of their life. I will touch on finances/career, relationships, health/wellness, and spirituality. I might also mention any messages from loved ones on the other side and other messages from channeled spirits. However, mediumship and channeled messages are not guaranteed. This depends if you have a loved one who is willing to step forward to communicate. 

Full Life Reading (Email) Form

Dream Interpretation - $15

I will use my intuition and dream symbolism knowledge to help you understand any dreams you might be confused or curious about. Please note as much details as you can. No matter how confusing, odd, or insignificant it may seem. Please also include any current situation you are currently going through that might be relating to the dream. Interpretations are sent via email.

Dream Interpretation Form


Due to the terms, policies, and lack of scheduling services via the website host, I am currently unable to book or take direct payments for services directly through the website.

However, please read below for the up-to-date method of booking and payment transactions.

How to Book a Reading:

1. You can find the description and price of each email reading service above.

2. Once you decide what type of reading you want, go ahead and submit your payment via your preferred method. Acceptable payment methods are listed below.

3. Once the payment is submitted, fill out the form using the links given below.

Payment Methods:

I accept payments via Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, and Apple Pay. My preferred method is Cash App or Venmo. 

  • Cashapp & Venmo: sergioandspirit
  • Paypal : paypal.me/sergiokpena722