Home Cleansing

Home and space cleansing is only available locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Just like our homes or space get physically dirty, homes can also get dirty in its energy field. Our home should be our sacred space where we come and feel welcome, safe, and in peace. It is very common that when homes are not cleanse in an energy manner - it can turn to be the opposite. It can become a space where you cannot sleep, you experience mood swings or negative emotions, and in worst case scenario the negative energy in your home can attract low level entities such as trapped souls or demonic entities.

Our business and/or office space can also be affected by this negative energy. This commonly happens in spaces that frequent a lot of clients walking in and out. The stagnant energy can cause decrease in sales and incomes, decrease in clients, issues between partners and employees, and other business detractors.


I only service the DFW area as this is an in-person process. Price will vary in the size of the home/space, driving distance, and the difficulty of energy removal depending what is found during the consultation. 

All home and space cleansing require a consultation prior to booking at appointment to perform the house call. During the consultation we will discuss what negative effects you are experiencing in the space, I will connect with spirit and with the energy of the space to see what needs to be done on my end, and agree on a date to perform the cleansing. The consultation fee is $20. The consultation fee will be added to the total. We can discuss via email, phone, and or video call.

Please fill out the home/space cleansing inquiry form and allow me up to 48 hours to respond.